Sprinkler Repair and the Green Benefits of Healthy Plano Lawns

By | September 9, 2020

More and more people nowadays are beginning to learn the importance of living green. In the City of Plano, Texas, going green and having increased environmental awareness are also becoming a lifestyle with an ongoing Plastic Bag Reduction Campaign and Live Green Expo for families. It isn’t surprising to know then that Plano locals also keep their lawns green and healthy and one way they do this is by installing sprinkler systems and getting professional sprinkler repairs done when necessary. https://topsintexas.com/

Plano boasts of having two golf courses and at least 16 neighborhood and community parks. That’s a lot of green space available for entire families to enjoy! These parks and golf courses may be some of the reasons why in 2006, Plano ranked 11th in “Best Places to Live in the United States” according to CNN Money magazine. Healthy grass not only in residential lawns but also in parks and golf courses truly makes any area more pleasing to the eye.

You can help promote green awareness by simply installing sprinkler systems for your own lawns. There are a lot of green, environmental benefits in having good working sprinkler systems:

* sprinklers enable lawns to grow healthy grass with minimal watering

* the presence of insects and worms in green, healthy lawns provide a rich feeding spot for birds

* automatic sprinklers conserve water by covering a wider area while releasing just enough water as needed compared to manual watering

* sprinklers prevent over-watering and under-watering by providing water only to designated spots

* it can provide water for plants early in the morning which is when the maximum water absorption can take place

* some sprinklers have rain sensors that signal sprinkler systems to shut off when there is rain

* sprinklers can also be adjusted to spray more water only during summer months than during spring therefore conserving water

* healthy grass that are maintained by regular water supply from sprinklers also help filter the carbon dioxide in the air

* by helping maintain healthy lawns, sprinklers also stabilize the soil against water and wind erosion

Aside from these green benefits, there are other added bonuses of having sprinklers installed in your lawns and one is the chance for you to go on long trips away and not worry about your lawns and another is, with healthy lawns you’ll be the envy of your neighbors!

Caring for lawns is not only a rewarding experience for you and your family. Properly and regularly maintained lawns enhances the beauty of a property. Aside from mowing and keeping healthy soil, sprinklers provide big help in growing your lawns so it is important to keep your sprinklers functioning properly.