Ozone Autohemotherapy – Hype Or Hope?

By | October 6, 2020

Ozone Therapy

Have you ever seen the particular smell of a rainstorm? The reason for that smell is ozone.

Despite the fact v ประวัติกีฬาบอคเซีย that it was found quite a while past – in 1840, it remains the subject of various contentions and contradictions. It secures us as an ozone layer around the Earth from bright radiation. We would be dead without ozone over yonder. Then again ozone as a part of exhaust cloud is harming to human’s lungs. It resembles individuals: there is no completely acceptable or totally awful individual. Every individual has his own great and terrible highlights.

Despite the fact that ozone isn’t embraced for clinical use by any of the English talking clinical social orders or authority organizations, it is accepted to be valuable in numerous nations by numerous specialists and this is the reason: Soon after its revelation in 1956 in Europe they began utilizing ozone to disinfect careful instruments due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Afterward, Europeans started utilizing it to disinfect drinking water.

Shouldn’t something be said about US? Was it behind Europe? Not around then.

1885 – Jacksonville, Florida. A nearby Florida clinical affiliation distributed “Ozone” by Charles J. Kenworthy, M. D., M.R.S.V.. What it implied was this: At the time, specialists in the US had been generally utilizing ozone restoratively with no limitations. What was previously the subject of distribution in lofty clinical diaries, and what was being utilized to treat individuals a simple 60 miles from Florida in pretty much every Cuban clinic, is currently cause for capture in the territory of Florida. In 1999, Kenneth R. Thiefault and his significant other, Mardel Barber (previously of Jupiter Florida) were sent to prison for a sum of 8 years for showcasing and selling ozone generators. However, it was in 1999. Luckily or tragically specialists a hundred years sooner didn’t think about it and kept on treating individuals with ozone.

1892 – England. The renowned clinical diary Lancet distributes an article about utilizing Ozone as a tuberculosis treatment.

1916 – World War I. Various individuals are harmed and needing treatment. Specialists utilized ozone as a result of itsantibacterial properties to help mend wounds and treat contaminations. Around then, a lofty Lancet report by Major George Stoker, MRCS was distributed expressing the accompanying: “The going with classification articulation of the consequences of the initial 21 cases treated by ozone at the Queen Alexandra Military Hospital “Britain” can’t be viewed as anything besides agreeable from each outlook, be it philanthropic, logical or financial. The cases were, generally, those of holes and sinuses in the femur and tibia. It is the extraordinary experience of the individuals who have seen a lot of war medical procedure that such cases determinedly oppose therapy and are adept to stay unhealed for quite a long time… I have fizzled in just one case… the properties of ozone which have a brilliant mending impact are… an expanded progression of blood to the influenced part… as an antiseptic it pulverizes all antagonistic miniature natural development… as the French scientist Hennocque has demonstrated it has incredible forces in the arrangement of oxyhaemoglobin… at present our insight into the impacts of ozone is nevertheless little, however later I would like to bring before the clinical public further good realities concerning its working and results”.

Hold up a second, the FDA claims: “Ozone is a harmful gas with no known valuable clinical application in explicit, adjunctive, or preventive treatment. With the goal for ozone to be compelling as an antiseptic, it must be available in a fixation far more prominent than that which can be securely endured by man and creatures.”


1991 – Canada. The HIV pandemic was seething and no compelling treatment was accessible. Enlivened by German reports about ozone autohemotherapy about effective treatment of HIV, the Canadian emergency clinic is given the green light to proceed with zone autohemotherapy. Tragically it was never really demonstrated powerful against HIV. Notwithstanding, it was demonstrated to be protected by numerous European examinations. Perhaps ozone from Europe is more secure than that from America? Doesn’t appear as though it.

2000 – US. The International Society of Hematology Published the examination bunch report from the Scripps Research Institute, California, USA: “Ozone autohemotherapy has been viewed as a type of elective medication and has not yet been exposed to the afflictions of all around planned clinical preliminaries. In spite of empowering recounted reports with respect to the utilization of ozone in different issues, there has been a worry that ozone in essence may unfavorably influence red cell films and metabolites. The motivation behind this examination was to learn the impact of ozone organization at a fixation ordinarily utilized in autohemotherapy on a board of red cell proteins and intermediates, just as its impact on red cell respectability. Since these boundaries were unaffected by ozone, we recommend that clinical preliminaries for the utilization of ozone autohemotherapy ought to be empowered.”. Similar ends were made by Japanese, Israeli, Polish and Italian examinations.