More Value at Upstream Layer in Technology Pyramid

By | July 24, 2020

Innovation is the pioneer of the venturesome world. What’s more, it drives utilizing a constitution. In contrast to the conventional political structure, this constitution is Algorithms composed by engineers, researchers, and so forth and not congressmen and government officials.


The worldwide rivalry is to a  ข่าวเทคโนโลยี   great extent who has the best specialized gathering to compose the best one; for this situation, Algorithms, that involve licenses, specialized procedures, apparatuses, etc. As a country creates, embraces, applies and diffuses properly the substance of this constitution, it lifts the lives of its residents. The more advancement a country seeks after, the more it refines this constitution.


Market analysts have demonstrated a connection between’s Knowledge Economy Index (KEI), profitability and way of life. The test for any country is to improve its KEI number. Doing that includes great instruction, financial system and different factors that help to improve innovation ability.


The period of common assets commanding worldwide business and industry is no more. What makes a difference presently is making information and applying it. A few countries will make, others will simply devour. Yet, riches is assembled at the imaginative stage and countries that emphasis on devouring, without making innovation won’t thrive.


Indeed, even with bounty of common assets, which in numerous occasions, the devouring countries can’t autonomously process without the information accomplices won’t change this direction of constrained national riches without innovation creation.


On this premise, I separate the two layers where countries utilize and contend with innovation as upstream and downstream layers. It resembles a two layer pyramid where the downstream is at the base with the upstream situated on top. What occurs here is that a few countries center around the downstream layer while others join both the downstream and upstream layers.


The most developed countries join the two layers as they look for universal seriousness. They give innovation guide that takes a gander at the future and have plans to take focal points that innovation brings. They make and create things and in the 21st century are classed as information driven economies. In those countries, there is making arrangements for coherence and innovation progression.


For different countries, generally creating, they contend at the innovation pyramid principally at the downstream layer. They do not have the expertise to make things and market innovation scholarly properties. The countries are not driven by innovation, rather wares. They are inclined to exchange stuns and are typically financially non-dynamic. They neglect to make riches utilizing innovation and take an interest in the pyramid as buyers or prosumers.


Let me represent utilizing Nigeria where they communicate in the language of oil. In the oil business, there are the downstream and upstream segments. While the upstream spotlights on investigation of unrefined petroleum, downstream does the dispersion and showcasing.


The cash is in the upstream division, a significant explanation we have the outside accomplices thought in that. That is the place the information creation is done and used in the business. I am wary to state, without the information accomplices in Nigeria, assisting with investigating this raw petroleum, Nigeria can’t mine this item. Decision: the oil will be there and of no unmistakable financial use.


This will follow an example where towns have water underneath them yet no boring ability to tackle the water for cooking and drinking. That is the issue of securing national procedure at the downstream level. It needs creativity.