Dog Tags Equal Fashion Statement

By | May 22, 2020

Dog tags were first used by military personnel. These tags served as identification tags and are called as dog tags because they closely resemble actual collar tags used by dogs. In the military, dog tags were used in identifying the dead and wounded since these tags had engraved in them the blood type of the person and other medical histories that the particular person may have. Usually, dog tags worn by the military came in two’s in that in cases of death one is left with the body and the other tag is collected. Namnbricka hund

Currently, dog tags are not only used in the military but also in designer jewelery. The popularity of men’s silver dog tags started as men recognized the wonderful world of silver jewellery and began adorning themselves with the different types of silver jewellery there is.

Dog tags are part of the category of necklaces for men, checkout the internet for some great buys. There are other types of neckwears and pendants available for men in these types of online shops and you can be assured of its quality. On the topic of necklaces, a stylish necklace that will go with any type of outfit is a religious necklace. As a pendant, most men wear a cross or a Jewish star. This is a very simple style of necklace that has been the classic preference of most men and has been around for a couple of years now. The choice of whether to get gold or silver necklace is really up to your preference and what you can afford.

Men’s silver dog tags are gaining popularity in this day as more men find wearing dog tags to be very masculine. There are so many stores that sell dog tags, even mom and pop jewelry stores sell these dog tags. Men’s silver dog tags usually have an engraving in them which is traditionally the person’s name and address. Some men prefer to have their special name or nickname engraved in their dog tags. Although there are some men who prefer a plain dog tag, one without the engraving.

In caring for silver dog tags, regular cleaning using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth must be maintained. A good cleaning partner for silver that will maintain its beauty is soap and water. Never use abrasive cleaners such as bleach, commercial cleaners, chlorine, etc. When not wearing the dog tags, it is best to keep them in cloth pouches or zip-lock bags which will keep them from mingling with other jewellery. Tarnishing is common among silver jewelery but cleaning it with special solutions used for tarnishing will do the trick.

Wearing men’s silver dog tags seem to be the hottest thing in the society today. Dog tags not only look good but also imply a sort of masculinity and strength for the wearer. It is well to note that from the gory beginnings of how dog tags were originally designed for, now it has become a fashion statement that most men adhere to.